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Sony Playstation 2 Specification:

Latest news indicates that the PSX 2 will support DVD movies, this should easily provide ample justification to go out and buy one.

The look and styling of the PSX 2 will compliment your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup. Rumor has it that the early consoles will not come with a modem, this shouldn't be to much of a problem as the PCMCIA slot will take a credit card style modem at a later date.

So whats in the box?
Playstation 2 Emotion Engine Features and General Specifications
CPU Core: 128 bit RISC (MIPS IV-subset)
Clock Frequency: 294.912 MHz
Integer Unit: 64 bit (2-way Superscalar) Multimedia extended instructions: 107 instructions at 128 bit width
Integer General Purpose Register: 32 at 128 bit width
TLB: 48 double entries
Instruction Cache: 16 KB (2-way)
Data Cache: 8 KB (2-way)
Scratch Pad RAM: 16 KB (Dual port)
Main Memory: 32 MB (Direct RDRAM 2ch@800MHz)
Memory Bandwidth: 3.2 GB/sec
DMA: 10 channels
Co-processor1: FPU (FMAC x 1, FDIV x 1), Micro Memory (I:4KB D:4KB)
Co-processor2: VU0 (FMAC x 4, FDIV x 1), Micro Memory (I:4KB D:4KB)
Vector Processing Unit VU1 (FMAC x 5, FDIV x 2), Micro Memory (I:16KB D:16KB)
Floating Point Performance: 6.2 GFLOPS

Geometry: Perspective
Transformation: 66 million polygons / sec Lighting: 38 million polygons / sec
Fog: 36 million polygons / sec Curved Surface Generation (Bezier): 16 million polygons / sec
Image Processing Unit: MPEG2 Macroblock Layer Decoder
Image Processing Performance: 150 million pixels / sec
Gate Width: 0.18 micron
VDD Voltage: 1.8 V
Power Consumption: 15 watts
Metal Layers: 4
PS2 Total Transistors: 10.5 million
Die Size: 240 mm2
Package: 540 pin PBGA

Sony Graphics Synthesizer - Features and General Specifications:
GS Core: Parallel Rendering Processor with embedded DRAM
Clock Frequency: 147.456MHz
No. of Pixel Engines: 16 (in Parallel)
Embedded DRAM: 4 MB of multi-port DRAM (Synced at 150MHz)
Total Memory Bandwidth: 48 gigabytes per second
Combined Internal Data Bus Bandwidth: 2,560 bit
Read: 1,024 bit
Write: 1,024 bit
Texture: 512 bit
Display Color Depth: 32 bit (RGBA: 8 bits each)
Z Buffering: 32 bit
Rendering Functions: Texture Mapping, Bump Mapping, Fogging, Alpha Blending, Bi- and Tri-Linear Filtering, MIPMAP, Anti-aliasing, Multi-pass Rendering

Rendering Performance:
Pixel Fill Rate: 2.4 giga pixel per second (with Z buffer and Alphablend enabled), 1.2 giga pixel per second (with Z buffer, Alpha and Texture)
Particle Drawing Rate: 150 million/sec
Polygon Drawing Rate: 75 million/sec (small polygon), 50 million/sec (48 pixel quad with Z and A), 30 million/sec (50 pixel triangle with Z and A), 25 million/sec (48 pixel quad with Z, A and T)
Sprite Drawing Rate: 18.75 million (8 x 8 pixels)
Display Output NTSC/PAL Digital TV (DTV) VESA (maximum 1280 x 1024 pixels)

Silicon Process Technology: 0.25 4-level metal
Total Number of Transistors: 43 million
Die Size: 279 mm2
Package Type: 384 pin BGA
Disc Device: CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
CD-ROM 24 times speed
DVD-ROM 4 times speed Can play DVD movies

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