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The Nintendo 64

N64 Processing Units:
64bit RISC-based central processor running at 94MHz Seperate co-processors for sound and graphics
This results in 656,500,000 operations PER SECOND!

Nintendo 64 Memory:
RAMBUS D-RAM 36Mbit 4Mb Console
Expansion Pack available 512Kb up to 2Mb

Controller Packs:
Available to store game data Screen Resolutions 256x224 pixels 640x480 pixels

32bit RGBA pixelcolour frame buffer support with 21bit colour video output

Unique Analogue controller with integrated 360° precision mini-joystick Multi-port underneath controller for Memory Packs or Rumble Pack

All N64 games come on cartridge - this gives an advantage over some other systems in that you don't have to wait for games to load.

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